United DJ Bookings is a medium which brings clients and DJs / side acts together.

United DJ Bookings is not an artist-agency. We are a promoter and bringing interested parties together.

You have direct contact with the DJ / side-act or representative. So also responsible for your booking.

No rights can be derived from the choice we or create / make.

For example: Will there be a DJ / side-act does not show up or the party’s off to what for a reason, which is in no way attributable to United DJ Bookings.


Financial contribution and settlement:

Is your first booking request made through your form in your profile? Then it goes from your membership fee of € 1, – a month!

If we arrange a job for you, we calculate a commission on top of your subscription of 10% of your wages and it will automatically receive in your mailbox. Applications not be done by us is that you also not to cede 10%. Allowed, of course, but we stop in the jar of the foundation www.uniteddjfoundation.nl

The fee of 10% per booking requested by us or contact DJ / side-act, is based on the selling price of the DJ / side act.

The client paid nothing for the booking made. DJs can also subscribe and booked unlimited per month without having to pay any fee for hooves.

The client can directly with the DJ / side-act make the financial settlement. This can be a bill or fee declaration via the IRS.

The financial settlement also made directly with each other (client and DJ / side-act or representative)


Promotional / advertising

Each DJ will receive a free website to promote themselves. Here, advertising statements stand.

A website without advertising purposes can but there’s another option for paying.

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